The Rising Kpop Idol Whose Parents Are Rumored To Be Linked To JMS Religious Cult, Agency Issues Response

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After the release of Netflix’s documentary called “In The Name Of God: A Holy Betrayal” which explores the cult of JMS and the massive harm it caused its members, one kpop idol has been linked to it via his parents.

On March 7, DKZ’s member Kyoungyoon’s parents were linked to the JMS religious cult via a post on a community site. The post alleges his parents ran a cafe linked to the cult to the shock of many.

In response to the rumors, their agency, Dongyo Entertainment, issued an apology and said DKZ Kyoungyoon was not aware of the affiliation of his parents with JMS or their involvement in related businesses until rumors surfaced on social media.

The agency stated that Kyoungyoon and his parents were under the impression they were attending a regular church and had no knowledge or awareness of the JMS-related content discussed in recent media reports.

Read their statement below!

First of all, we apologize to anyone who was inconvenienced by the content posted on the community today.
After confirming with himself and his family regarding the company operated by Kyoungyoon’s family, a member of DKZ, which is currently being posted on SNS and the web, Kyoungyoon believed that his parents attended a normal, regular church and did not know or have any knowledge of the content related to the broadcast until he saw it after receiving many reports from people.
As soon as he became aware of the facts today, Kyoungyoon also confirmed the content of the broadcast and was shocked. He said that his parents did not know until he checked the information and the broadcast contents of many people about a specific organization. They were under the impression it was a normal general church that they went to, and have never encountered or recognized the content related to the broadcast.
The family immediately stopped operating the company and clearly stated that they would verify all aspects related to a specific organization, withdraw from it, and have no future affiliation.
As someone who receives a lot of love in their profession, we deeply regret that we did not properly examine the information related to them and apologize, and although ignorance cannot be an excuse, we ask that you refrain from any excessive speculation or mention that supports the interests of a particular organization or any criminal facts.
We apologize once again to anyone who has been inconvenienced by this incident, and we will support our artist to thoroughly examine everything related to himself and his surroundings.

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