Dispatch Releases Full Report Detailing How Red Velvet Wendy Was Injured At SBS| What Happened To Red Velvet Wendy

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Korean media outlet Dispatch has released a report that’s currently the top trending news in South Korea, it discusses what happened to Red Velvet Wendy and how she was injured.

Dispatch met with a staff member who worked on the set of The 2019 Gayo Daejeon to discuss what had happened and how badly Wendy was injured.

The accident happened during Wendy’s rehearsal for her special stage for Aladdin OST around 11:00 am, the rehearsal went smoothly, the accident happened during the additional rehearsal. she was instructed to go down the stairs (see photo below) while the song was playing but the tunnel leading to it was dark and narrow, not even the common fluorescent marking was visible, she ended up falling 2.5 meters (6.6 ft) in a defenseless state. The stairs who were supposed to be there had even been lifted; she lost her balance and fell off.

Wendy’s injury is very bad and will take at least six weeks of recovery at the hospital. She fractured her right side of pelvis and her wrist; she also cracked her right cheekbones. She suffered multiple bruises on her body, it seems like it’ll take months for a full recovery.

The staff member says that the accident could’ve been easily prevented if a marking tape had been placed at the right location. Following the accident, the scene was chaotic, Wendy was immediately rushed to the hospital, Red Velvet members were in utter shock after hearing the news.

Dispatch also added that SBS reacted with insensitivity and even after the incident had occurred, several groups were instructed to go up the second floor, the groups performed anxiously after news spread everywhere.

Wendy is currently focusing on her recovery. She is in a hospital in Seoul and the doctors are conducting a thorough examination. However, the swelling is so bad that it is impossible to give an accurate diagnosis. SBS had always drawn criticism each year for their sloppy stage production, and this year fans believe they gave Red Velvet the worst Christmas present ever.

SBS has also been criticized for the way they addressed the situation. As previously reported, they issued a simple apology directed at ‘disappointed fans’ because of Red Velvet’s absence, they wished Wendy ‘a speedy recovery’ without even elaborating on how it happened, why it happened, and their plans to prevent it in the future.

k-netizens and international fans were furious after reading the Dispatch report, they didn’t know that it was this bad, many are afraid for Wendy’s well-being.

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What do you think of Dispatch’s report?

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  1. SBS sucks ….seriously….how can they be so sloppy to an idol….after all wendy is a human being too…the emotional trauma that she and the members are going through now might be too much…..how can they do this….sm ought to sue them..!

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