Dispatch Releases A Detailed Report Of The Fallout Between Blockberry Creative And Chuu- Claiming Both Sides Were At Fault

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Dispatch has unveiled a bombshell report detailing the fallout between Blockberry Creative and Chuu which ultimately led to Chuu getting kicked out from the group.

Dispatch provided testimonies from both sides and concluded it no one was the true villain here and both made mistakes.

Lets go over a summary of the report. This will not be the detailed translation of the snippets of conversations Dispatch released but a summary of the report overall.

Contract terms- re-negotiating

According to Dispatch, Chuu and Blockberry signed a contract in December 2017 with a ratio of 7 (company): 3 (member) for the distribution of profits on the exclusive contract, and a 5:5 ratio for the costs incurred in entertainment activities.

Later, Chuu raised objections to the cost issue and applied for an injunction on the effectiveness of the exclusive contract in January 2022. The court sided with her and she was granted more rights over how her activities should proceed.

According to a new contract proposed in April, BlockBerry Creative will receive 30% of the profit and Chuu will be allowed to take breaks from LOONA’s group activities for up to three times per month. Additionally, Blockberry Creative will pay Chuu 50 million KRW and Chuu will have the option to terminate her contract immediately if she experiences any harm. The company also agreed to pass along any external proposals to Chuu at no cost. The revised contract was set to take effect until December 31st of this year.

About this, Chuu told Dispatch that her trust in the company was significantly damaged by the events of last year. Despite not wanting to participate in “Queendom,” she did not want to abandon LOONA either and therefore signed the amended contract to continue with group activities.

Chuu and the rest of LOONA were in debt despite earning so much throughout their careers

In the new post-settlement system implemented by BlockBerry, the company takes a percentage of the profits, and the remaining earnings are divided among the LOONA members after deducting expenses. This means that the members are responsible for paying 20% of the expenses incurred by the company. If the expenses exceed 70% of the revenue, it can result in debt for the members. It has been reported that, excluding Chuu, the other members of LOONA have earned a total of KRW 18.6 billion (around $14,275,000) since 2016. It is estimated that each member currently has approximately KRW 200 million (around $153,500) in debt due to covering half of the expenses totaling KRW 16.9 billion (around $12,970,000). Chuu, who has had numerous personal activities such as advertisements and appearances on variety shows, has received payments since December of last year and currently has aboutKRW 220 million (around $169,000) in her possession.

Dispute over spoiling a snippet of the choreography

According to the report, Chuu sent a message to the head of Blockberry B saying, “What are you talking about with this stuff…are you kidding me? I’m not going to participate in this album. This isn’t a joke.” When the head of A did not respond promptly, Chuu angrily sent another message saying, “You’re not even thinking about how people might interpret things wrongly…are you not going to reply? Give me an answer! Answer, answer. Will you come to your senses if I write down everything I’ve been through and just die.

It has been revealed that this conversation took place during a controversy where Chuu previewed a new song’s choreography through a live broadcast, and the representative of the agency protested the leaking to which Chuu didn’t react well to.

At the time, the agency representative sent a message to Chuu’s mother saying, “It’s not supposed to be revealed yet, what are we going to do about the point choreography?” Chuu’s mother passed this message on to Chuu, who then expressed strong dissatisfaction to the head of B.

As such, the company saw the sharp tone Chuu used [she also didn’t write formally but informally in some text messages] as abuse of power.

Chuu then warned B saying, “Be careful. I’m serious. This is the last warning,” and told the head to “pass this on to the representative of the agency.” B replied, “I will warn our internal staff again so that Ji-woo (Chuu’s real name) does not have to go through stress because of things like this. I’m sorry for making you feel uncomfortable. Instead, I apologize.”

conversation with director D- and Chuu not being taken seriously

In a conversation in 2021, director D made a joke, “have you finished elementary school?” while explaining the contract ratio to Chuu, and Chuu was reportedly angry and took a strong stance towards the agency because she felt she needed to be assertive since they looked down on her.

In an interview with Dispatch, Chuu said, “I didn’t get angry with D. I was just frustrated with the way the company was run.” She added, “The company treated me like a child. I felt like they were ignoring me and I was in a state of mistrust and I was hurt. I thought I had to speak strongly to be heard. That’s why I’ve spoken with a strong tone. I am also human, I made a mistake.”

Previously, on November 25, LOONA’s agency announced that it would expel and remove Chuu from the group, saying, “We recently investigated Chuu’s abusive remarks against our staff, and the company’s CEO has apologized and comforted the staff.

However, various suspicions have been raised online over the announcement of the removal of Chuu by the agency, sparking another controversy. Since then, the agency attempted to do damage control saying they’ve acted within reason adding that Chuu should come out and reveal evidence if she wishes to, and warned fans to stop speculating and/or poking holes in the statement they had released. Chuu then released a statement denying she’s ever done what Blockberry accuses her of.

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