Dispatch Infuriate International Kpop Fans By Including The Hashtag #Alllivesmatter In Their #Blacklivesmatter Post

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Dispatch has gotten a lot of hate recently but it’s not because of their reports!

Various celebrities, brands and media outlets have joined hands to advocate for the #blacklivesmatter movement.

Many Kpop idols such as GOT7 Mark, BTS, CL, Jay Park and so many more raised awareness for the movement and even donated money.

The past Tuesday, many people joined the #blackouttuesday movement to show solidarity and respect to black voices during such difficult times, Dispatch was one of them.

However, Dispatch managed to anger so many international kpop fans with their tone-deaf decision to include the hashtag #alllivesmatter alongside #blacklivesmatter in their post. The controversial hashtag is often used to distract and divert attention away from racial inequality that black people suffer from, which is why the hashtag is considered very controversial.

Due to the backlash they’ve gotten for using this hashtag they ended up taking down the post altogether.

Dispatch also made headlines recently for deleting all BTS highlights from their Instagram profile, more on that here.

What do you think of this?

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