Dispatch Reports On WINNER Mino Impromptu performance At a Club Recently Despite COVID-19 Advisory, YG Issues An Apology

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Dispatch most recent report is trending in South Korea and its about WINNER Mino.

Dispatch has reported that Mino performed at a club in Gangwon despite the social distancing rules (on May 3rd), it was an impromptu performance and only few guests were at the club.

A source from the club stated that the performance wasn’t scheduled and there were only few guests and most of them were Mino’s acquaintances. They also recommended they wear a mask and offered sanitizers to club goers.

However, Mino couldn’t avoid backlash for ignoring social distancing measures, he visited the club during a time when social distancing was emphasized. He’s being criticized for his actions by k-netizens.

His visit was around the same time the new cluster broke out in Seoul, a man who tested positive had visited a couple of clubs in early May causing a surge in COVID-19 cases, the government has since shut down the clubs and are tracking down everyone who’s been to Itaewon.

YG has since issued an official apology on the behalf of Mino, they stated,

“Song Mino was recently confirmed to have been on a personal trip with his acquaintances. We are so sorry to have caused trouble to many people.

In the future, we will take extra care so that our artists can thoroughly practice the rules of personal hygiene and social distancing.”

What do you think of this?

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