Instead Of Revealing Its 2022 Couple, Dispatch Reveals Something More Shocking And Unexpected… A Concert

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Fans had been waiting for Dispatch 2022 couple but it looks like thats not happening, instead, something else is, and its surprising netizens even more than the dating news would have.

Each year, Dispatch shares a couple on January 1st, however, for the past two years, the infamous news outlet has been quiet choosing not to release dating news. However, in 2022, they did something different.

UPDATED: [BREAKING] Dispatch Reports Its 2022 January 1st Couple Belatedly, you won’t guess who it is

On January 1, Dispatch revealed something called ‘DFESTA,’ this is a special anniversary concert that shall take place soon. Yes, a concert.

The performers lineup had many fans going wild with theories, it includes BTS, NU’EST, Seventeen, TWICE, NCT 127, NCT Dream, Stray Kids, TXT, and ENHYPEN.

Such a lineup would have been impossible for end-year award shows in 2021. Notably, this lineup includes groups from all big 4 agencies aside from YG Entertainment.

No details have been shared yet about the nature of the concert or when it’ll take place but the announcement definitely caused a shock.

Fans have been running wild with theories about why such top kpop acts would perform at an unknown concert and a celebration for a controversial news outlet 10th anniversary. What are your theories?

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  1. That’s not even close to be better. Concerts are for people with money and also they are expected since these people are performers, not better

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