Director Yeon Sang Ho Plans For “Hellbound” Season Two Is Not What You Think It Is, Will It Be A Good Idea?

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Director Yeon Sang Ho behind the newest hit Netflix series “Hellbound” has sat down for an interview with Herald POP to discuss the drama’s popularity, mixed responses and a possible season two.

“Hellbound” has been topping charts around the world since its premiere becoming a hit. At the same time, many people have talked about how the show is either something you’ll love or hate, it appears that Director Yeon Sang Ho is aware of this, he said,

“Since the beginning, I created Hellbound with the thought that it is a show for people who enjoy this kind of genre or watch deep things, rather than thinking it would please the general public.”

The director also added that he’s actually surprised the drama has received so much more attention than he had expected.

“Hellbound” ending left many fans puzzled, the ending doesn’t provide a conclusion and ends on a shocking cliffhanger, this led people to discuss the possibilities of “Hellbound” season two and to that, the director has an answer but it’s not what you’d expect.

Director Yeon Sang Ho said,

“I wouldn’t say it’s a second season, but writer Choi Gyu Seok and I had been creating a story since this summer about what happens afterwards.

We decided to work on the next story as a cartoon. I think I’ll be able to showcase the next part of the cartoon around the second half of 2022.

There are no concrete plans for a live action adaptation, so we’ll have to discuss that in the future.”

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My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

This upsets me even more because it means I wasted 6 hours of my life even more than I had originally thought.

“Hellbound” was a mixed bag at best and while I appreciate the ‘messages,’ the writing is inconsistent, filled with loopholes and nonsensical. Just because you want to deliver a message doesn’t mean the script has to suffer for it. You can tell a coherent story that has a deep message. Everyone is discussing the messages the show has to tell but no one can even begin to comprehend what the story was all about, this isn’t a good sign and the script on surface level isn’t that difficult of a concept.

This is one of my issues with Netflix advancement into the Asian market, we get many inconclusive kdramas that never properly end, and in this case, the director says the second season is a cartoon…. Why would you adapt a project, end it like that and then make the second season a cartoon?? I think he didn’t think this drama would blow up the way it did which is weird because its backed by Netflix [a global platform] and led by some of the biggest names in the industry… bruh

This is so confusing.

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