Did YouTube Just Delete 67 Million Views From BTS “ON” MV? Fans Livid And Demand The Views Back

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ARMY are furious with YouTube, again!

At midnight on February 28 (KST), BTS premiered their official music video for their MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 title track, “ON”. In 67 minutes, the video surpassed the 10 million views, the fastest MV to ever surpass the 10 million views on this platform.

However, fans soon began to notice that the MV views growth drastically declined and despite their streaming efforts, YouTube slowly updated the views. However, some fans began to notice that views are being deleted; more than 67 million views were reportedly deleted from “ON” MV in its first 24 hours. The validity of the screenshot has not been confirmed, but fans captured the specific screenshot on a realtime views tracker website.

When ARMY found out, they were furious and began trending #YtBring67MBack. According to other fan accounts that have been keeping up with the views count, millions of views were suddenly vanishing from the MV.

It’s been reported that “ON” MV garnered 44.2 million views in its first 24 hours, a great record but nowhere near the numbers they pulled with their last comeback in 2019. YouTube is yet to release the official number.

While the views count and how the 67 million views were lost isn’t sure, one fan account was taking a video of one moment when the MV views suddenly went from 83.3 million to 48 million views, here is the video:

ARMY are calling out YouTube on twitter through the hashtag #YtBring67MBack and its currently the top trending hashtag in worldwide trends on Twitter, they want the platform to explain how the views went down this drastically and to give it back to the MV.

Check out some of their tweets:

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  1. YouTube is a business, they make their money through advertisements when the same people are streaming the same video, they know they are not paying attention to the ads. The premier had the most views counted because they were new views, if the same people kept streaming, likely the views would not count, sad but true, that’s life. Do I like it, no, but I do understand. As long as the same rules are applied to ALL videos, I am OK with that. Army, learn to stream wisely, make your views count.

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