Did Mnet Just Shade EXO Using A Terrible Memory In 2019 MAMA? EXO-Ls Furious + Demand An Apology

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Mnet is under fire yet again by another fandom, this time it’s EXO-Ls.

The 2019 MAMA were held yesterday, there are still many moments that are talked about a day after the event and one them is how EXO were shown during the award show.

EXO-Ls don’t have the best relationship with Mnet and ever since MAMA 2017 many stopped supporting the award show and boycotted it due to a variety of reasons, one of them were the alleged mistreatment and assault by the guards of the show towards some EXO-Ls, another reason is what the fandom considers utter disrespect, many believe EXO were robbed of two daesangs despite their huge accomplishments that year leading in the voting category by a huge gap.

In 2017, EXO did win a daesang and during their speech, the members broke down in tears asking EXO-Ls not to cry because they’ve finally won a daesang. Fans believe their tears were due to the injustice and various situations they experienced at the ceremony in 2017.

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During a segment of MAMA 2019, EXO were shown but the way that many EXO-Ls considered very disrespectful, during a video montage, they showed EXO’s clip when they cried after winning the daesang award and wrote over it ‘tears of joy.’

EXO-Ls believe EXO weren’t crying ‘tears of joy’ and thus found an issue with the way Mnet portrayed them, some even believe this is Mnet trying to shade EXO.

Thus, the fandom began to trend the hashtag #MamaApologizetoEXO, Mnet hasn’t issued a response yet.

On the other hand, there are others who believe it could be an editing mistake due to the many obstacles the production team faced to make MAMA happen this year.

Here some of the fandom tweets:

What do you think of this?

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