Did Lee Jooyeon Just Unknowingly Trolled Netizens Into Thinking She Uploaded A Photo Of Alleged Boyfriend Gdragon?

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Lee Jooyeon might’ve just unknowingly but successfully trolled netizens through her most recent instagram update.  

On April 23, Lee Jooyeon uploaded a photo of a slim man with the reflection of a flower to his chest. The overall posture of the man got netizens thinking. Soon articles were being written about this, many began to speculate if the photo posted wa Gdragon’s.

This wouldn’t have been the first time. She previously posted a couple of photos of them together on her instagram before deleting them. When she posted a video back in mid-2019 of them together, her agency returned with a statement refusing to confirm saying ‘it’s a matter of her private life. It’s difficult to confirm.’

 They were rumored to have been dating at least four times already. They were photographed by Dispatch as well; YG didn’t release a response to the dating rumors at the time.

This explains why many netizens began to speculate, some thought it was Gdragon while others disagreed, Gdragon had tattoos on his hands and it couldn’t have been his photo. Due to the response, Lee Jooyeon updated the caption with,

“A picture I found.”


After such articles made its way to the international side, VIPs immediately shut them down. It turns out the photo in question is popular on pinterest and tumblr. Many VIPs have reported seeing it multiple times across the web.

It’s unknown whether Lee Jooyeon had intended for this to become a hot topic, but some netizens believe she knew the photo would generate buzz and is ‘an attention seeker,’ others believe she just found the photo on the web and randomly uploaded it to her instagram without much thought.

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