Did ENHYPEN’s Bodyguards Use Excessive Force At The Airport? Fans’ Heated Discussion On The Topic

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Idols getting mobbed at the airport is nothing new, unfortunately. Many idol groups struggle with sasaengs or large groups of fans who invade their personal space at airports and this recent story of ENHYPEN has led fans to a heated debate discussing whether excessive force was used or not.

The incident took place on May 16 when ENHYPEN returned to South Korea, they arrived at Incheon International Airport where they were swarmed by fans who wanted to take glimpses of them.

The situation was quite dangerous and there were too many people surrounding the group. In some of the videos shared, ENHYPEN’s bodyguards can be seen pushing several women aside to protect the members. As the fans were seen charging toward them with their cameras. Some fans argue they used excessive force and made the situation worse.

As the videos went viral, fans got into a heated debate with some defending the bodyguards while others criticizing the excessive force used. Some netizens believe the bodyguards shouldn’t have been this ‘aggressive’ with the fans while others believe they were justified because its their job to protect the group adding that the situation happened because fans mobbed the group.

What are your thoughts on this?

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