Did BTS Jungkook Get A Sleeve Tattoo? Fans Suspect He Added More Tattoos To His Growing Collection

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Looks like BTS Jungkook has added more to his tattoo collection!

On October 26, BTS held their first day of their 3-day concert, Speak Yourself [The Final], at Seoul Olympic stadium. Aside from ARMY fangirling over the countless cute moments that came from the first day of the concert, another thing caught the attention of many.

BTS Jungkook had previously nearly broken the internet when fans found out that he had gotten a couple of tattoos on his right arm, many fans suspect this happened during their vacation. However, Jungkook had relatively kept it on the low and didn’t really talk about his tattoos or shown them off to fans, yet.

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During the recent concert, a fan-taken photo went viral, it shows a part of Jungkook’s right hands and it seems that there is even more ink underneath it, which led many to speculate that Jungkook might’ve gotten a sleeve tattoo as well.

On his forearm, a part of the phrase, “I’d rather be dead than cool” can be seen. ARMY were reminded by something that Jungkook had written previously, this is Jungkook’s life motto since his rookie days. He had previously written “I’d rather be dead than cool” on his 2014 FESTA profile.

ARMY respect Jungkook’s decision to stay silent about his tattoos but can’t help but be curious if he had gotten more tattoos.

Check out some of fans’ reactions below:

What do you think of Jungkook’s tattoos?

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