DEUX Member Late Kim Seung Jae’s Grave Was Found Damaged, A Woman Claiming To Be A Fan Arrested By The Police

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It was belatedly known that the grave of Kim Sung Jae, a member of DEUX, was damaged without permission.

Celeb Media reported on February 13th that it was confirmed that a woman in her 40s who recently damaged Kim Sung Jae’s grave without permission was caught by the police and investigated for property damage.

The grave of the late Kim Sung Jae was found damaged by his mother Yuk Mi Seung on February 3rd. All of the mementos and memorial items brought or decorated by his fans and bereaved family over the past 26 years have disappeared. The tree his mother planted herself has been uprooted, and even the old benches, picture frames, bulletin boards, and letters have disappeared without a trace. The ground around the memorial and graveyard was also dug up with a shovel and then covered again.

Upon receiving Yuk Mi Seung’s report, the Bundang Police Station immediately launched an investigation. While closely examining the CCTV footage near the entrance to Bundang Memorial Park, the police captured Ms. A who had entered and exited several times. Suspicious of this, the police saw Ms. A as a prime suspect and arrested her, who appeared near the scene a few days later. Ms. A said that she revisited Kim Sung Jae’s grave to dispose of another item, but she was caught by the police at the scene.

Ms. A was investigated by the police on charges of damaging property intentionally. In the ongoing police investigation, she admitted to all of her charges. It is said that she additionally confessed that she had organized some items that disappeared from Kim Sung Jae’s grave last year as well.

Ms. A, who identified herself as a fan of Kim Sung Jae, justified the motive for the crime by repeating outrageous claims. Ms. A explained to the police, “Someone is making it difficult for Kim Sung Jae even in the sky by casting a spell, so she directly disposed of the items in the graveyard.” In addition, it was confirmed that Ms. A paid money and mobilized workers to move the items.

Ms. A claimed to be mentally and physically weak, such as taking medicine for panic disorder, and it is not known whether the crime was accidental or planned. However, it is said that Ms. A apologized after promising compensation for damages and restoration to his bereaved family.

Kim Sung Jae’s younger brother, Kim Sung Wook, said in a phone interview with Celeb Media, “It’s unimaginable. It’s absurd. These were objects that could be valuable to some people and so insignificant to the average person that they might be rubbish. Occasionally, in the case of CDs or old objects, there was a risk of loss, but what remained was of intangible value. I don’t understand at all that you touched someone’s stuff and damaged their heart. Rather than being angry, it was more that I was depressed.”

As a result of the police investigation, the allegation against Ms. A raised questions about the part where the theft could not be established. He said, “Even if you eat without points, you can be prosecuted, but it’s embarrassing that it’s not theft. Even in the case of renting things, if you dispose of them arbitrarily, you may be subject to legal punishment, but it is strange that arbitrary disposal is not theft.”

The key is to compensate for damages to family members and memorial items of fans. Ms. A said she would take responsibility for damages, but most of the memorial items were memories that could not be repurchased or valued with money. Regarding this, Mr. Kim said, “I can’t put a value on it. He says he will restore the original state, but it is doubtful whether he knows the meaning of the original restoration. It is impossible to return it to its original state, but it is absurd how to compensate for the time so far.”

It was another wound for the bereaved. Mr. Kim said, “It seems like a calculated action. As of now, the only thing that can be solved is monetary compensation, so I am careful because the victim’s position may rather be greedy for money. At least I hope something is done to prevent this from happening again. I hope something like this doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

Meanwhile, in Bundang Memorial Park, where Kim Sung Jae is resting, many celebrities such as the late Kim Young Ae, Kim Ja Ok, Lim Yoon Taek, and Park YongHa are resting as well. Bundang Memorial Park is in the position that in the case of loss or damage of personal memorial items, it does not have any responsibility according to the policy of ‘no memorial items other than flowers can be left, and the park is not responsible for loss’.


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