DAY6’s Wonpil Announces Military Enlistment In March

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DAY6’s Wonpil will be enlisting in the military soon!

On February 23, Wopil held a V Live broadcast and announced the news of his enlistment directly to fans.

He talked about his recent solo debut in the broadcast before discussing his pending military enlistment. Wonpil stated he will be enlisting on March 28 and will join the navy. Wonpil is enlisting sooner than expected and he’s explained he wanted to do it sooner and he’s applied to the navy because it was the fastest available option. He wanted to match up the military enlistment time with the rest of the members as much as he could.

He teared up during the announcement as he feared fans would miss him while he’s gone, he said, ‘we still have a month left. The thing I am the saddest about is that when MyDays [the fandom name] want to see me, they’ll be unable to, I won’t be able to do such things [referencing to live broadcasts] but its not like I won’t return either.’

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Wonpil is the last member of his group to enlist in the military.

We wish Wonpil all the best during his upcoming service!

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