DAY6 Revealed To Be Struggling From Terrible Cases Of Stalking Intrusive Sasaengs, JYP Warns Legal Action

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DAY6 has been struggling from sasaengs and JYP revealed that they will no longer stand by to see this happen.

On May 28, JYP Entertainment issued a statement about taking legal action against those who continuously violate DAY6’s privacy.

JYP explains that despite issuing multiple notices regarding safety already, the sasaengs are not listening. This has caused DAY6 extreme stress from such excessive behavior; they’re following them around on their personal schedules and attempting to even enter locations where they go.

JYP reveals that such actions are punishable under law and that they’re currently gathering evidence about the violations of DAY6 rights (including CCTV footage from their agency) and will take action if such behavior is ever repeated again. JYP concludes that regardless of whether they have received warnings or been blacklisted, legal action can still be taken.

The statement was welcomed by fans who fear for DAY6’s safety, many were not aware of just how big the issue was and are terrified to learn that DAY6’s privacy was continuously violated despite the recent news of promotions suspension to focus on their mental health.

We certainly hope they get punished for doing this!

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