Dawn’s Agency Address Reunion Rumors After He And HyunA Were Spotted Together At An Art Exhibition

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Dawn’s agency says Dawn is still on good terms with HyunA over speculations of the two ex-lovers getting back together after being spotted together in an exhibition.

In response to rumors of singer HyunA and Dawn getting back together, DAWN’s agency only expressed an ambiguous position stating that Dawn still is on good terms with HyunA.

On February 12, HyunA and Dawn accompanied each other to the exhibition held at Gallery Blue in Paju, Gyeonggi-do. The meeting of the two became known when the artist Sanchae, who participated in the exhibition, released the photo on her SNS.

In the photo, HyunA and Dunn are seen posing by making a V with their fingers while wearing hats among acquaintances. On this day, HyunA uploaded several photos of the exhibition on her SNS and wrote, “It was touching. I got emotional.”

In addition, even though the two broke up, they maintain a close relationship by meeting and eating together or leaving messages on each other’s SNS.

HyunA and Dawn have been publicly dating for six years, officially acknowledging their romantic relationship in 2018. The fans were not able to catch up about their breakup because they have shown strong affection in front of them to the point where marriage was also considered for the two.

In 2018, the two admitted their romantic relationship, saying, “We wanted to be honest,” refuting back the official position of their agency Cube Entertainment, which said, “The rumor of HyunA and Dawn’s romantic relationship is groundless.” Due to this, their exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment was terminated and they moved to Pnation, where singer Psy is the CEO.

HyunA and Dawn, who were together during their all schedules, including broadcasting, and expressed their affection for each other without hesitation, were even rumored to have been married. In February last year, Dawn made a custom-made ring and proposed it to HyunA.

Since then, the two terminated their exclusive contract with Pnation in August last year and reported their breakup about four months later.

Earlier, Dawn said after breaking up with HyunA, “Even if I break up, I will not delete our photos from my SNS. If I break up with HyunA, I will not love again.”

In fact, Dawn left the photos he took with HyunA untouched on his feed. HyunA deleted most of Dawn’s photos but left some of them.

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