Dawn Goes Off On Malicious Commenter Who Spread False Rumors About Why He Broke Up With HyunA

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Artist Dawn held nothing back addressing one malicious commenter who spread an awful rumor about why he and HyunA broke up.

On November 30, HyunA took to her Instagram to share that she broke up with Dawn and they’ve decided to remain close friends. The news came as a huge shock to everyone in the kpop community. Dawn has only liked her post and not posted anything personally until now.

On December 1, Dawn took to Instagram to share two screenshots, one with his statement addressing a malicious commenter and one with the commenter’s rumors. Dawn wrote,

Hello, this is Dawn. I’ll keep it short.
The post in the second image was not written by me. The sad, dirty cowered who spread these lies will be sued by me. Even if we broke up, she is still someone I cherish. She is the most honest and respectable person I have ever known and she will always be my favorite artist.
Please don’t live like that. Use your precious time else where.”

The 2nd photo is a photoshopped image of Dawn’s official Instagram handle [judging by the username and check mark], the comment claims HyunA lied and cheated on Dawn. This comment has never been made by Dawn and fans find it understandable how angry he got with it. They hope the person who photoshopped this will be sued.

HyunA and DAWN started dating in 2016 and made their relationship public in 2018 amid severe initial backlash, the former couple was regarded as one of the biggest celebrity couples in kpop.

HyunA and DAWN left P-Nation in late August of 2022, and later, HyunA took to Instagram to share the statement released by the agency. The statement announces the news of their departure. She captioned it with a simple, ‘thank you.’ In the comments section of the post, DAWN commented, “Moving forward, let us freely and coolly make music, perform and love. I love you.”

The couple was engaged. They announced their engagement in February of 2022.

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