Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung Personally Addresses Controversary After Facing Heavy Backlash For Sharing An Extremely Low Paying Job Posting For Her Shopping Mall

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Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung has personally addressed the controversy over her shopping mall allegedly underpaying the employees.

On the morning of January 6, Kang Min Kyung posted a long message on her Instagram to personally address the controversy over allegedly underpaying employees in a shopping clothing mall operated by her after she shared a job posting for an experienced worker with an annual salary of 25 million won ($19,600), which she stated as a mistake and explained that the job posting was for inexperienced workers and apologized for her mistake and promised to keep working hard.

Check out Kang Min Kyung’s full message below!

“Today, I am writing as the CEO of Abiemua, not as Kang Min Kyung of Davichi.
A few hours ago, I posted a job posting for CS experienced workers, which was incorrectly listed with the salary of a new non-expert with no experience in the Instagram story.

The notice was corrected as soon as I confirmed the mistake. I apologize for my failure to check the mistake over and over again. When hiring, Abiemua negotiates salary based on the previous salary.

In the case of new applicants with no experience, the starting salary is based on the minimum hourly wage, but annual salary negotiations are conducted every year.

Abiemua is still a growing brand, and I have nothing but to say to new applicants that I will try harder to discuss more about salaries.
As the company grows, I will continue to share results with my employees and make a better environment, It is true that many people still think that I lack as a CEO, but I will continue to work hard to become a parent who can provide more salary and support to the future team members who are working hard with me.”

Earlier on the same day, Kang Min Kyung, who runs the clothing business along with her singing career, recently posted a job posting on her Instagram story. The announcement said that college graduates were required to have three to seven years of experience for CS, a fashion brand shopping mall, but the annual salary listed for the applicants was only 25 million won ($19,600).

With the minimum hourly wage of 9,620 won ($ 7.5) in 2023, controversy arose over “low pay” for career workers, which is no different from the minimum hourly wage. After the posting, the singer was heavily criticized by the public for underpaying the employees.

Meanwhile, Kang Min Kyung founded Abiemua, a women’s fashion brand, in 2020. Last year, she purchased a 6.5 billion won building in Mapo-gu, Seoul, and the building will be used as an office for fashion brands in operation.

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