Dara To Star In A New Vampire Action Movie

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Seems like we’ll be seeing our favorite unnie in a new movie soon.

The idol Dara has been confirmed to star in a new vampire action movie by director Lee Won Jon’s Instagram account.

The director posted a photo of him and the idol posing together and wrote a caption saying:

“A new project is starting. With ‘Actress Sandara Park’.”

The new movie title is set to be “107th Year Of Night”, and the director has also uploaded sketches from the movie pre-production photos, and it seems to have a lot to do with Vampires.

“프리프로덕션” #yg #ygkplus #영화 #movie #107년째밤 #프리프로덕션

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Fans cannot wait to see Dara playing a vampire in the upcoming movie “107th Year Of Night”.

Don’t you think Dara is the perfect choice for a vampire?

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