Dara Says Dating Co-Workers Is A Big No For Her, Talks Being Single

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The former 2ne1 member has no problem squashing all fan theories in recent interview.

The lovely star is currently in the Philippines where she’s done an interview talking about why she’s single at the moment.

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She explained that finding a boyfriend hasn’t always been easy, she can’t easily approach someone she likes.

She also talked about how the YG dating ban took a toll on her, and how it made it more difficult for her to find a boyfriend whilst promoting as a 2ne1 member.

And she said that even if she found a boyfriend it’d be really hard to find a time to date because she’s always so busy with work.

She then talked about how dating co-workers is a big NO for her, understandably because it can make things really awkward if they ever broke up.

She is currently focusing on her career and dating isn’t her first option.

We wish unnie success in pursuing her dreams, and we hope that she can find the right man when she’s ready.

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