Dara Quit Her Role As A PR Director For YG + 2NE1 Removed From YG Artists List

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Dara has interacted recently with fans and it has them wondering about her future with YG.

A twitter account dedicated to 2NE1 news recently gave the update that 2NE1 has been removed from YG official website artists list. Fans reactions differed, some were unmoved and stated that they saw it coming while others were upset that 2NE1 got deleted from its artists’ list despite their contributions to the label. Previously, CL was also removed, now, only Dara remains in the artists’ list.

But what got people really talking wasn’t the deletion of 2NE1 from the artist list as much as it was what Dara said to fans. In the tweet replies, one particular fan asked about Dara’s role in YG at the moment, Dara personally responded with no, she also went to explain why,

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Given the situation, fans are curious about Dara’s next move. Back in 2016, both CL and Dara re-signed with the label, it seems that they renewed for three more years, but it could be that Dara’s contract is longer. CL contract expired earlier this month and she officially left YG entertainment which has fans wondering whether Dara is next but considering that no news about her contract renewal is being brought up, it could be that her contract length period differs.

Many 2NE1 fans share a dream, they wish for all of 2NE1 to reunite. Dara is still a part of YG, some want her to leave for another agency and for the girls to possibly reunite again and promote together as one girl group in another agency. CL is now a free-agent while Minzy is reportedly in dispute with her label.

Would you like to see Dara leave or stay?

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  1. As long as she’s treated right.. I don’t see why she should quit. Unless the case of minzy happen or there’s a chance of them get back together then why not right? But of course it’s her decision we should respect that.

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