Daisy’s Profile Picture Removed From MOMOLAND Artist Page, Agency Gives A Vague Response

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Daisy’s profile picture is no longer visible if you view MOMOLAND artist page on MLD Entertainment website.

As of May 12, fans noticed that Daisy’s profile photo was no longer visible in her group’s profile page; it suddenly disappeared and now only shows the remaining six members of MOMOLAND. This triggered even more questions about Daisy’s fate in MOMOLAND.

Yoenwoo on the other hand, is listed in her own tab alone, however, you can’t find Daisy’s name anywhere on the site as of this writing.

When contacted for a response, MLD Entertainment stated that Daisy is still under their label and the recent changes were made to show MOMOLAND in their current 6 member lineup.

However, fans find that hard to accept because Daisy would’ve been visible on the website if she was still a part of the label like MLD claims.

Back in early January of 2020, Daisy had gone on a KBS show to share her side of the story of her struggles with MLD Entertainment, she claimed a lot of things among them was that the agency didn’t allow her to return to promotions with her group and says when she demanded to exit her contract, she was asked for a termination fee that amounts to a little less than $1 million dollars.

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