Daesung Says BIGBANG Lasts Forever And Thanks YG In Newly Shared Handwritten Letter After Parting Ways With The Agency

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BIGBANG Daesung has confessed his feelings of starting anew after parting with his agency YG Entertainment.

On January 2, Daesung posted a video titled “One day, I got a mysterious diary” on his YouTube channel D’splay where he shared a heartfelt handwritten letter announcing his departure from his previous agency YG Entertainment and thanking the agency for taking care of him while requesting the fans to support him in his bold move and adding that people say nothing lasts forever but there’s BIGBANG that will definitely last forever.

Earlier, BIGBANG members got scattered from each other since they announced their new start after their exclusive contract with YG Entertainment came to an end. G-Dragon is still undecided, and Taeyang left YG Entertainment and moved to The Black Label. T.O.P’s exclusive contract ended in February last year, and Daesung’s exclusive contract ended last month.

Check out the full handwritten letter of Daesung below!

“Thank you, YG. Thank you.
Thank you for taking care of me, raising me, and flourishing me for a long time.

With this gratefulness in my heart, I’m going to take on a new adventure. Of course, I’m scared and afraid.

However, I think this shaken but powerful step will be able to throw some light on obscurities.

In 2023, I am trying to walk along the path silently and boldly even though this is only a step forward with a bold heart in front of a foggy future.

I’m still lacking and very immature, but please give me a lot of attention and support for my steps. Thank you.
Happy New Year, everyone.

PS. Someone said that. Nothing lasts forever. No. There’s definitely BIGBANG that lasts forever.”

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