Underrated Group D-CRUNCH Shocks Fans By Suddenly Announcing Dylan’s Departure From The Group, Here Is Why

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D-CRUNCH Dylan is leaving the group.

In November of 2021, D-CRUNCH’s agency had announced that Dylan will be halting all of his activities temporarily while he focuses on his health due to worsening symptoms of psychological anxiety.

On October 21, the agency released a new statement announcing his departure from the group due to health issues.

The agency said,

“to prioritize the recovery of D-CRUNCH member Dylan, we’ve helped him rest in a stable environment and focused on his recovery as advised by medical professionals. However, we recently received a medical opinion that returning to the group would be overdoing it.

After careful discussions between the members, Dylan and his parents, we’ve decided to respect his personal and parents’ opinions, Dylan will be leaving D-CRUNCH as of today.”

The agency apologized to fans for delivering such news and asked for fans’ continuous support for the remaining six members who will greet fans with new music and performances in the near future.

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