Cube Entertainment Stock Price Plummets After Its Artists Shocking Continuous Dating News

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It seems like the dating news took its toll on the label. Cube Entertainment is suffering losses due to its artists’ consecutive dating rumors that took the web today by storm.

First up were the dating rumors linking E’Dawn and HyunA, the label had firmly denied them on August 2nd but retracted their statement and issued a new one confirming they had been dating for two years.

Next up was Pentagon’s leader Hui, who was linked to Soojin of the popular rookie group (G)I-DLE, the two were reportedly dating and photos of them out on dates spread around, the label ended up confirming they dated each other but had broken up.

Third up were CLC’s Yeeun and Pentagon’s Yuto, the two were captured out and about shopping together, fans assumed they were dating, the label firmly denied they were anything but friends.

Following these reports, Cube Entertainment stock price took a dip, it dropped 5.24% from yesterday’s price. The stock price is around 2,530 won which is approx. 2.24 won.

It is believed that those dating reports are what took a toll on the label stock price, its not uncommon for dating news, scandals, and controversies to actually affect a company’s stock price in South Korea.

What do you think of this?

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  1. Indeed, I feel the same way as you. I don’t love a idol in hope that I’ll be able to date him. I can’t believe such things as this would affect stocks. But indeed the company looked silly saying one thing yesterday and retracting it today.
    All I hope for is for them to safe and healthy really.

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