Singer Crush Releases Statement Addressing Alleged Racism Towards Black Fans In The Crowd At A Recent Festival

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Singer Crush has come under fire after fans from a recent event that he did come out with statements against him alleging he was being racist towards them because they’re black.

The tweets went viral on Twitter with fans sharing their reactions to the testimonies. The black fans say Crush refused to shake their hands at a recent event despite doing so with the rest of the audience around them. The fan said, “we r both black, she just has lighter skin than me! on top of that a friend of mine moved her hand away so crush could get 2 me n my roommate but he skipped us n still touched her hand anyways, which she told me after the festival. so. also wanna add that my friend n i have been fans since idek how long. me specifically, i listened 2 his music EVERY DAY b4 n thruout hs. my friend even bought me a cd of 1 of his albums in hs bc she knew i luved him sm. so this rly rly f-cking hurt lol.”

The second roommate also addressed the situation with their own Tweet about the subject saying, “yeah… i’m the roommate. for this to happen to us first hand really broke my heart. i’ve never experienced blatant discrimination like this in my entire life. especially since he was my favorite artist, it hurts so bad.”

As the issue began to pick up steam on social media, Singer Crush ended up addressing the situation via an official statement to his Instagram. The singer says he avoided giving high fives in particular sections of the crowd as a safety precaution. Read his statement down below!

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