Controversy Continues Over IVE Appearance On Upcoming University Festivals After New Statements Get Revealed

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Controversy continues over the cancellation of Group IVE‘s appearance at the university festivals!

On October 5, Starship Entertainment posted an official statement on the official fan cafe of IVE, informing everyone of their official statement regarding the appearance of IVE at Kyungpook National University and Keimyung College University fall Festivals on October 6 that they did have a face-to-face meeting with the agency but they did not confirm the appearance.

Earlier, it was reported that IVE will be appearing at Kyungpook National University Festival, but it turned into a controversy after the University announced that “the appearance was canceled due to visa issues among the members.”

In response, Starship Entertainment countered, “Only an offer was made, and no specific consultations and contracts have been conducted since then.”

Since then, the Central Emergency Response Committee of the Kyungpook National University Student Association has revealed that Starship’s claim is not true, aruging,

There was not only a verbal onfirmation between the agency and Starship Entertainment but also a remittance of IVE’s performance fee was sufficient. The contents can be proved by phone calls and remittance details.”

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