Concert Organizer Issues Apology After NCT 127 Jakarta Concert Ends Midway Due To Crowd Push That Caused 30 Concertgoers To Faint

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NCT 127’s Concert In Jakarta has come to an end midway and the concert organizer has since issued an apology.

As previously reported, NCT 127 November 4 concert first encountered an issue with a bomb threat as fans reported one person making such scary threats online. However, after local authorities searched the hall, nothing was found and the concert proceeded as scheduled. The police increased security at the venue.

NCT 127 concert in Jakarta ended up getting canceled midway after a group of fans began pushing and some began fainting due to the pressure of the crowd.

Its been reported that 30 people fainted due to this issue. The issue happened in the standing section of the concert, an area where no specific seats were given. Thus, some began pushing causing others to be crushed and faint due to a lack of oxygen. The concert was thus stopped midway.

The police came to the conclusion it would be better to stop the concert for the safety of the concertgoers.

Later that night, Dyandra Global Edutainment—the organizer of NCT 127’s Jakarta concert— released an official statement addressing the matter, they wrote,

Hello, we are from Dyandra Global Edutainment.
Below is our explanation regarding the halt of the NCT 127 2ND TOUR “NEO CITY : JAKARTA – THE LINK” concert on November 4 and the announcement for the November 5 show.
We have been informed about the general rules and safety procedures in advance, as well as advising our security team to remain in an orderly manner while the show goes on. However, an unforeseen circumstance happened at the end of the show. Concert [attendees in] the standing section appeared to go unorganized, which resulted in chaos and eventually led to the halt of the show for the sake of their safety.
We’re very grateful that no one was injured. However, as we put the safety and security of the audience as our top priority, the halt of the show became inevitable.
We’re deeply sorry for everyone who came to our Day 1 show for not being able to enjoy the concert until the end.
We would also like to apologize to all members of NCT 127 and SM Entertainment for not making the desired concert possible.
To make amends for today’s incident and give the best experience, we will add more paramedics and security personnel for the Day 2 show.
We will continue to work closely with the local police and work as hard as we could to avoid any incidents from happening again.
We also encouraged tomorrow’s audience to maintain safety procedures during the event.
Thank you.

Day 2 of NCT 127’s concert in Jakarta took place on November 5 at 2 p.m. KST.

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