Composer Of IVE’s Hit Debut Song “Eleven” Shares Original Demo, You Have To Listen To It

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Composer Of IVE’s Hit Debut Song “Eleven” has blessed fans with the original demo and it has gone viral.

Recently, Singer-songwriter Lauren Aquilina shared a snippet of the original demo version of IVE’s “Eleven,” she composed this song along with Peter Rycroft and Ryan Jhun.

The videos caught netizens’ attention as the original demo sounds a lot more different than how the song turned out to be but is equally amazing. The singer’s live vocals as well as the original lyrics gave fans goosebumps.

In another video she shared, the singer explains the meaning behind the word ‘eleven’ as some didn’t quite understand what it meant. She revealed that eleven refers to how her man makes her feel, he makes her feel like she’s an eleven out of ten.

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Check out the demo snippet below!

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