CL’s Classic Clap Back To An Online Bully Will Make You Love Her Even More

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The baddest female is back at it again with her classy response to an online hater who has nothing better to do with their lives.

On Thursday, the rapper shared many throw back pictures to her instagram story for #TBT, but a hater thought that it would be appropriate to comment the most negative useless things they could think of.

The hater wrote,

“Just stop! throwback pic? who? it’s not you, just find a mirror and look at you! you are 78kg fat bitch and big liar ew!”

CL didn’t allow the hater to slip away so easily, she had the classiest response to what he said, she replied,

“Just looking in the mirror right now and not gonna lie ! I am LOVING what i see!!”

CL, the baddest Kpop artist there is!

My Reaction

Jesus Christ! Some people have nothing better to do with their lives its awful!

CL has a sexy beautiful body, I don’t understand these stupid online bullies, was it really necessary to throw in this stupid ass comment with your stupid ass username?

I mean you need to be someone with no life whatsoever to have so much time on your hands to create such a username and comment on her beautiful body that I wish I had, that 78 kg is soooo far from her real weight, my brain hurts just thinking about it!


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