CLC’s Yeeun And PENTAGON’s Yuto Reportedly Dating, Cube Entertainment Apologize And Explain

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CLC’s Yeeun and PENTAGON’s Yuto are the 3rd Cube Entertainment couple today to be swept in dating rumors. The couple has been spotted out and about on the street together sparking dating rumors.

An internet user released photo of them going around, another internet user released photo of them going shopping with a manager.

Following these photos, Cube Entertainment stepped up to clarify the situation and to apologize to fans for the way they relayed the news of their other artists.

They said,

“Hello, this is Cube Entertainment.

First, we’d like to apologize to the fans who have been hurt. There was miscommunication when we looked into the dating rumors between PENTAGON’s E’Dawn and HyunA that was reported back on August 2nd, this led to the incorrect information being published and for that we sincerely apologize.

We would be grateful if fans watched over them with warmth and love.”

After they apologized for that, they talked about Hui and Soojin as well as Yeeun and Yuto,

“Regarding the dating rumors between Hui and Soojin its as we have reported earlier, we confirmed the facts and its as we published earlier today. Regarding Yeeun and Yuto, they are simply close friends who have been close to each other even before they debuted as rappers in their respective groups.

Cube Entertainment artists have friendly relationships and they maintain those from their days as trainees, they also fully support each other as close colleagues.

We ask of you that no more speculations and misunderstandings to be made about our artists. We sincerely apologize once again for causing concern to all the fans who love Cube Entertainment’s artists. Thank you.”

Yeeun and Yuto are both the same age born in 1998.

What do you think of the dating news surrounding Cube Entertainment artists?

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