CLC Sorn Shares Photo With Friend Wearing Racist Mask, Receives Immense Backlash

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CLC Sorn is currently trending at number 1 on twitter and it’s not for what you expect!

CLC Sorn recently posted a selfie with her friends, however, fans were quick to find an issue with the photo, one of her friends was wearing a racist caricature black mask. A mask that the African American community find very offensive and racist.

Shortly after Sorn posted that photo, fans tried to educate her about the issue and explain why the photo should be deleted since it’s problematic and racist. Since many idols are from Asian countries, sometimes they might make mistakes/remarks that are racists without realizing how offensive and racist it is for their international fandom.

She deleted the photo soon. However, fans saw that she posted a photo asking people to ‘chill’ which many assumed to be the response to how she was criticized for this controversy, and it made many of her fans angry and disappointed. She posted a selfie with the caption,

“Sometimes, some ppl just gotta chill, I am not stupid.”

Fans believed that Sorn was aware of why the mask is racist, but chose to reply with that and refused to apologize for hurting her fans. However, when she was asked about the photo, she explained that it is no way related to the controversy and she was simply ranting about something else.

NOTE: Some fans even posted about the time stamp for both photos and how the photo where she asks people to chill was posted before the controversial photo. However, we have no way to accurately prove that since the photos have since been deleted.

Soon, Sorn topped twitter worldwide trends. Her name is currently sitting at number one. Many fans tweeted about why they’re so disappointed with her actions.

Here are some of fans reactions:

UPDATE: Sorn Issues an apology to fans

What do you think of Sorn’s response?

Note: this article has been adjusted taking into consideration Sorn’s apology

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