CL Takes Charge Of Her Own Social Media Presence After Leaving YG Entertainment

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It seems that CL has a new YouTube channel!

CL has left YG Entertainment a couple of weeks ago, fans had been expecting the news for a while now, she hasn’t been able to release much after renewing her contract with the label.

However, shortly after her departure then, her YouTube channel and Facebook profile were nowhere to be found which triggered an aggressive response from fans who called out the label for deleting such important accounts shortly after her departure announcement. Later, the YouTube channel was made visible again.

But it seems that CL will be managing her own YouTube channel, according to Dara, the former 2NE1 member opened a new channel. Dara tweeted about it and fans soon began subscribing to the channel. It seems that CL is taking matters to her own hands establishing her own social media profiles again following her departure from YG; it is unknown what will happen with the original solo channel which has her hit track “Lifted.”

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CL hasn’t posted anything yet but has fans wondering if this signals a possible return. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel here.

What do you think of CL’s move?

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