CL Playfully Asks Taeyang To Delete His Photo After He Publish Fake Beard Selfies To His Instagram

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CL and Taeyang had the cutest YG-Family interaction, fans can’t get enough!

On November 14, BIGBANG Taeyang posted some interesting selfies to his Instagram, he used a photo app to apply a fake mustache that gave him a more ‘mature’ look, he captioned the photos with, “Mature Bae.”

CL, who is a close friend of Taeyang, couldn’t help but tease him and left these comments,

“Ah, this is not okay!!!!!” and “Erase it, hurry!”

In response to one of her comments, he replied with,

“Dope Korean… congrats.”

Fans can’t help but want more, they love the way CL teased Taeyang. Fans are also curious about what Taeyang was exactly congratulating CL for, possibly for leaving YG?

CL left YG a couple of days ago!


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Mature Bae

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