A Man Interrupts CL’s Performance Going On Stage, She Handles It Like A Pro, Fans Wonder Where The Security Was

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A recent video from a CL performance has gone viral as fans wonder what security was up to.

Recently, CL was among the performers lineup for Chung Ang university, during her set, particularly her performance of Dr. Pepper, a man just walked up on stage and hugged her.

CL looked baffled at first but started laughing, when he approached, she extended her arms and hugged him back de-escalating the situation. She even gave the guy the mic for a moment. Luckily, nothing went wrong, but security only intervened about 20 seconds into the situation making fans wonder what was happening. It appears someone came on stage and chased after him as CL continued on with her performance. Fans expressed their worry watching the viral video and wondered where security was as they were supposed to protect artists from such situations since it can get dangerous rather quickly.

It appears that after her performance, the man in question was there to wave goodbye, he shouted, “I am sorry for going up on stage, I love you CL. I am sorry.”


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