CIX’s Seunghun Reveals He’s Been Mugged By 6 Men In New York City

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CIX’s Seunghun has been through an unfortunate situation during the group’s stay in New York city.

Recently, CIX among many other kpop idols attended a summit in New York City to perform. Seunghun went through a terrible experience when he decided to venture out by himself in the City.

He said that he was mugged by six men who came shouting and cursing at him. He had to hand over whatever money he had. He said he wanted to cry yesterday due to what happened and said he was afraid to ever go out again on his own.

Seunghun assured fans they usually travel with bodyguards but he and his manager had gone out for tacos without their bodyguards, he says his manager saved his life and he would have been in bigger danger if it weren’t for him. Although he’s shaken, he assured fans he’s doing well.

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