Chuu Breaks Her Silence, Says She Didn’t Do Anything Wrong And Wasn’t Aware Of The Circumstances That Led To Her Exit From LOONA

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Chuu has finally broken her silence after the agency announced they have kicked her out of the group for alleged ‘power trip.’

On November 28, Chuu took to her Instagram to share a statement, in it, she revealed she was actually not aware of the circumstances that led to this, hinting that she’s been kicked out without her knowledge, she also denied she’s ever done anything wrong.

Chuu said,

“Hello, this is Chuu. I am so grateful to the people who have shown concern and comforted me.
I have not been contacted nor do I know anything about the series of events that led to this. I am aware of the situation and its clear I have not done anything that would embarrass my fans.
I will talk to you again in the future once my position has been decided. Thank you so much for giving me your concern.”

Previously, on November 25, LOONA’s agency announced that it would expel and remove Chuu from the group, saying, “We recently investigated Chuu’s abusive remarks against our staff, and the company’s CEO has apologized and comforted the staff.

However, various suspicions have been raised online over the announcement of the removal of Chuu by the agency, sparking another controversy. Since then, the agency attempted to do damage control saying they’ve acted within reason adding that Chuu should come out and reveal evidence if she wishes to, and warned fans to stop speculating and/or poking holes in the statement they had released.

In recent news, it was also alleged that 9 members of LOONA have filed for an injunction to terminate their contracts with Blockerry Creative, however, the agency has since denied it in a very short statement.

Blockerry Creative continues to receive immense backlash for their handling of the situation and fans have continued to voice their frustration with the agency due to the recent happenings.

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