This Famous Korean Choreographer Apologized For Illegally Streaming “Penthouse” After Facing Backlash For Her SNS Post

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Famous Korean Choreographer Bae Yoon Jung has issued an apology after fans speculated that she might’ve been illegally downloading/streaming the hit SBS drama “Penthouse.”

Bae Yoon Jung was under fire after posting an Instagram story of herself watching “Penthouse,” some fans soon raised an issue after finding out that she might’ve been streaming it illegally after seeing the photo.

On February 15, she issued an apology to her Instagram account admitting to having posted about illegally downloaded dramas, she explained that her husband was searching how to watch dramas on his phone and he got to a website through his search, they connected it to the TV without realizing it was an illegal site, she added,

“I filmed him streaming the show. I apologize to everyone who is involved and I am embarrassed even more so as someone who works in the industry that I didn’t act more carefully. I’ll do my best so such a thing doesn’t happen again. I am sorry.”

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