Choi Jung Won Denies He’s The Actor-Idol In His 40s Rumored To Have Had An Affair Leading To The Breaking Of A Family

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Choi Jung Won, a former member of the group UN who has been claimed as the actor-idol to be having affair with a married woman, denied the allegations.

Choi Jung Won, a former member of the group UN, is being suspected of having an affair with a married woman per new reports that emerged last night.

OSEN exclusively reported on January 10 that Choi Jung Won, a former member of group UN, is currently working without an agency, and based on the results of the report, he was found to be in FA [free agent] status. According to reports, Choi Jung Won reportedly completed an exclusive contract with Will Entertainment, his former agency, last year without a resumption.

The media quoted a broadcasting official, saying, “Choi Jung Won did not renew the contract after completing the exclusive contract last summer with Will Entertainment. So far, we are able to identify that Choi Jun Won is looking for a new agency and working without a separate contract.”

The initial report was released on October 9, reporter-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin Ho posted a video on his YouTube channel titled “Choi Jung Won’s Private Kakaotalk Reality: Husband’s Scream Why?

In the video, Lee Jin Ho says that the identity of celebrity A, who was suspected of having an affair with a married woman, was Choi Jung Won, an idol turned actor from the group UN.

He said, “After the news, I decided to disclose the related information. UN’s former member Choi Jung Won was the person involved in this case.”

In response, Choi Jung Won denied the allegations by telling Lee Jin Ho, “There is nothing like this. It is not true.

Choi Jung Won took to his Instagram and shared a letter addressing the allegations where he explained the situation that the married woman was someone he knew since young and talked to her only about daily life, unlike the contents of the article published. He revealed that he received threats for sending money to an informant and vowed to take legal action against them.

Check out the full letter below:

Hello, I’m Choi Jung Won. I’m sorry to let you hear about the chaotic article, but yesterday’s YouTube content was based only on the opinions of one side.

I wasn’t in a relationship with her, and she was like a family member since we were young.
She was a neighborhood sister whom I knew well, and her name appeared on Kakao Talk after a long time, so I contacted her to know how she was doing and had a meal with her two or three times.

But we mainly talked about daily life, such as family, work, and children, and not the unpleasant things like the contents of the article.
There was no such thing as that.

Since then, the informant [the person who spread the allegations] has threatened me with verbal abuse several times, transferring the responsibility to me and sending an official letter saying that I should send the money to them.

I feel very sorry that an article containing the informant’s unilateral position with an exaggerated image was published. I’m going to reveal the truth in court later and take legal action for the damage they’ve done.
Thank you.”

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