Choi Jong Hoon Heavily Criticized For Liking A Photo Of Himself Attending Police Questioning 

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Former FTISLAND Member and leader Choi Jong Hoon is receiving immense backlash for his attitude in the midst of his controversy and police investigation. 

On March 17, fans noticed that Choi Jong Hoon liked a fan’s Instagram photo of himself attending police investigation. It is also believed that he liked a new post from one of the accounts he follows.


Netizens were extremely furious with his attitude. He had been summoned for questioning for spreading illegally taken photos and videos and for allegedly asking a police officer to cover up his DUI incident back in 2016. 

In his personal apology and official FNC Entertainment statement, the idol promised he’d reflect on his actions. Netizens argue his actions and social media activities contradict his previously released statement.  

He had received questioning for 21 hours, he left around 06:45 p.m. KST on March 17 which is the same day he liked those photos. 

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