Choi Jong Hoon Booked On Charges Of Bribing Police Officer, FNC Terminates His Contract

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FNC Entertainment has officially terminated their contract with former FTISLAND member Choi Jong Hoon.

On March 21, the agency released an official statement announcing his contract with them has been terminated, they clarify the company doesn’t know any details regarding his ongoing issues adding,

“We’ve update you on the progress of the situation based on his claims until now, but we decided our relationship that’s based on mutual trust can no longer continue because of repeatedly contradicting statements. His exclusive contract has already been terminated.”

FNC Entertainment has previously announced he’s left his group and retired from the entertainment industry after chat logs revealed his conversations with Seungri and Jung Joon Young.

He is suspected of using his police ties to cover up his DUI. On March 21, he was also booked on the charges of bribing a police officer after new evidence showed up.

The police booked him for offering to bribe a police officer 2 million won (approx. $1,777) at the scene in an attempt to cover up his drunk driving incident. A source from the police explained the decision,

“We’ve booked Choi Jong Hoon for now because we received a testimony by the officer that he was willing to offer him a bribe. The police officer has reportedly announced his intention to reject his offer.”

The police also confirmed they’re planning on thoroughly investigating how the bribe was offered and how it was rejected and how the entire situation concluded.

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