Choi Jin Hyuk Caught At A Bar Illegally Operating During Strict Social Distancing Rules, Halts Activities And Issues An Apology

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Actor Choi Jin Hyuk has been wrapped up in controversy!

On October 8, his agency issued a statement to announce the actor will be halting his activities due to his recent controversy.

According to police reports, the Gangnam Police Station arrested a total of 51 people, including one owner and 50 customers and receptionists, at an entertainment bar in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul around 8:20 pm on the 6th. Among them was actor Choi Jin Hyuk.

Choi Jin Hyukwas booked by police for violating the Infectious Disease Prevention Act. The bar was subject to level 4 social distancing rules which state such business is banned from operating.

Choi Jin Hyuk’s agency G-Tree Creative stated that while he was indeed out drinking with a friend, he didn’t know the bar was operating illegally.

Here is their statement:

We sincerely apologize for causing concern even though everyone is dealing COVID-19.

On the 6th, Choi Jin Hyuk violated social distancing rules while with an acquaintance. Choi Jin Hyuk did not know that the bar, which his acquaintance said was open until 10 p.m., was illegally operated. As a result, he misunderstood and thought it wouldn’t be a problem to sit down until 10 p.m.
With the COVID-19 situation, he was careful not to show himself drinking to others before 10pm. Thus, he was looking for a place to drink quietly, and went to the place recommended by his acquaintance. However, he was caught violating quarantine rules at around 8:20 because it was a bar that should not be operated at the current social distancing stage 4.

We know that ignorance and misbehavior without properly checking the social distancing rules is really embarrassing and there is no excuse. Therefore, we bow our head in apology.

Choi Jin Hyuk will reflect deeply and keep in mind that he shall not repeat these mistakes again, and as an agency, we will always make every effort to manage our celebrities. Therefore, Choi Jin Hyuk will stop all of his activities and self-reflect on his actions.

What are your thoughts on this?

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