Chinese Kpop Stars Denounce Protests In Hong Kong In Support Of ‘One China’ Policy

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While things are escalating in Hong Kong, Kpop idols who work in China are voicing their support of the Chinese government, various famous Kpop idols posted to their weibo and other social media accounts messages of support to ‘One China’ policy which states Hong Kong and Taiwan are a part of China, not separate entities (I highly recommend you look it up).

Here are some of the famous Kpop idols who posted to their weibo: GOT7’s Jackon, f(x)’s Victoria, Lai Kuan Lin, Kyulkyung, Seventeen’s The8 and Jun, (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi.

Patriotically speaking, attention is on both GOT7 Jackon and former Wanna One member Lai Kuan Lin. Jackson is a Hong Kong native and has always talked about that on various variety shows, his public statement shocked fans because he’s siding with China rather than Hong Kong amid the difficult times Hong Kong protestors are going through.

Lai Kuan Lin is from Taiwan, some fans were also shocked to see him support the ‘One China” policy.

What do you think of this? Do you think  Kpop idols should get involve d in politics? do you agree with ‘One China” policy?

Here is the photo of their messages:

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    1. Why should they when it’s their hometown? That’s equivalent to someone asking you to never make comments about where you come from and to continue to be the scripted doll of the music industry if you became an artist. It concerns them, so I respect them for this.

      1. Um, don’t you think this is them acting like a scripted doll of their music industry since they all are support in “One China” completely ignoring the cries and protests of people who feel they established themselves ALREADY. The cultures are too different. China is notorious for making their dissidents disappear, so the lives of many Chinese celebs and their families are actually at stake here. This feels like coerced nationalism if you ask me. Nothing respectful about it. Especially knowing that wang is from Hong Kong, that shit is confusing.

  1. what’s wrong with supporting ones country? i understand why people would get mad at jackson and kuanlin but why yixing and victoria? aren’t they from china? they are just supporting their country even if their country is not good, they have the right to support it.

  2. The thing is these celebrities who r Chinese born can’t exactly go against the government. If they disagree with the ways of the Chinese government they could be given the death penalty or jail time(its a fact). Idols like Jackson and Lai KuanLin who aren’t Chinese born have a choice and we should respect it but the fact is everyone’s gonna have there own opinions. I definitely don’t agree with some of the ways the Chinese government operates China but there r its advantages and disadvantages.

  3. okay first of all five of these eight idols weren’t even saying that they support the “One China Policy”…they were just saying that the flag of China can’t be messed around

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