Chen Nowhere To Be Found In EXO Newest Promo, Is It In A Response To K-Fans Retaliation?

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EXO has announced exciting news to fans recently!

The EXO members are currently participating in LYSN Bubble, a paid chat service that allows you to connect to an EXO member and chat with them. The service has a list of prices depending on the bundle you wish to choose.

The members participating in the service are: Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kai, and Sehun. There is one name who’s missing and fans have varying reactions to that.

Chen is nowhere to be found on the app, his wife recently gave birth to their first daughter. K-fans have been voicing their opinion opposing Chen’s staying with EXO even more after the news and the reason for that is… they felt ‘betrayed’ once they found out that his wife has been pregnant for seven months before he even announced the news to fans.

K-fans continue to demand his departure from EXO and many k-netizens leave comments about how he doesn’t seem to ‘care’ about his fellow members. Many are also making fun of him on news articles that cover this topic, leaving comments such as,

Leave him, he’s preparing for superman is back.

He’s on paternity leave

He has a kid to raise now

On the other hand, international EXO-Ls think it’s better that Chen focuses on raising his child right now instead of this, he’s probably very busy taking care of the newborn and it’s better not to surround him with negative energy when he recently celebrated the birth of his daughter.

However, many news outlets failed to mention that in the same announcement of the new app, SM added that there are upcoming artists to add to the lineup under the tab ‘coming soon,’ it includes: Chen, D.O, Lay, Suho and Xiumin. This means that Chen will join later on and is not excluded from the lineup as some Korean news outlets suggest.

D.O and Xiumin are currently serving in the military, Suho will enlist next week.

What do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

I’ve always had an issue with Korean entertainment companies approach to making their idols so accessible to fans and this is too much. Why would you feed the obsessive fans fantasies like that?

An app where I can ‘chat’ with an idol… Why? They’re monetizing on the fact that fans will believe they’re actually talking to their idol…. SM has an issue of making their idol so accessible to fans and its backfiring on them pretty badly, you think they’d reconsider their strategies and their effect on their people and business model but you’d be wrong.

Inciting such behavior will not do their idols any good, because it’ll make fans feel like they actually own these idols or that they actually know them. Also, EXO are way above doing this at this time of their careers, this feels to be motivated entirely by money regardless of the effect and negative connotations it’ll impose on themselves or their idols.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. As an international EXO-L, I think that Chen is probably quite busy with his new family. I’m really happy that he found love and created life. Really nice job covering recent EXO news. Thank you and have a great day!

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