CEO Of All Japanese Member Group XG Addresses Controversies About The Group

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The CEO of group XG’s agency has addressed the series of controversies the group was caught up in.

CEO Simon of XG’s agency, posted a long article on Instagram recently, saying that all members of XG are Japanese and communicate with fans in various languages such as Korean as well as English and respect other countries’ cultures while adding that the rumors circulating are different from the truth.

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I’m conveying some information to clarify and correct them even a little bit because a lot of information is different from the truth. I was born in the U.S. and grew up with mixed blood of Korea and Japan, and created XG based on one’s experience as an artist and producer.

All the artists are Japanese, but precisely, they want to show music and performances to more people around the world without prejudice and regulations against regions and languages. It may seem a little unfamiliar because it was a team that had no previous cases, but we will show our own diversity step by step in the future.

We are communicating music messages based on English, the most widely used language around the world, because we want to introduce XG music to the global market. We are communicating with fans in various languages, including Korean as well as English.

X-Gallax employees respect various countries and cultures regardless of nationality. We have the courage to showcase our own music and colors to the world with good content and are working together to support each other.

It is also different from the fact that there are some unwritten comments and strategies that want to use specific third-party brands, such as those that are not aware of any specific target as a role model or competitor, and have recently been rumored.

In the meantime, XG are artists who truly love music above all else based on cultural diversity and global sensibility. In fact, they have visited Korea several times since they were trainees, and they still live in Korea and love music and culture a lot.
I ask for a lot of love and encouragement for XG, who wants to become a world-class Asian hip-hop girl group.”

XG is a seven-member girl group from the Japanese entertainment agency Avex label X-Gallax. They are based in Korea, but controversy arose because they used Japanese lyrics. In addition, Chairman Masato Matsuura of Avex said in June last year, said, “XG is all Japanese. It’s not like K-pop,” drawing keen attention.

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