This Promising Rookie Girl Group Announced Disbandment Only 1 Year After Their Debut, Why?

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The Promising Rookie Girl Group bugAboo has disbanded.

On December 8, the agency released an official statement to announce the group’s disbandment surprising fans. The group not only disbanded but their contracts have also been terminated.

The agency explained in its statement, “bugAboo will be halting group activities from today. The agency and the members decided to half the activities and terminate the contracts after lengthy discussions and much consideration.”

The agency apologized to the fans for the heartbreaking news.

bugAboo debuted in October of 2021 and was put together by the famous producer Ryan Jhun. It consists of 6 members Choyeon, Yoona, Rainie, Zin, Eunchae, and Cyan.

Wishing the best for the members going forward!

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