BTS’s V Attitude And Kindness Towards NU’EST And Paul Kim Is Going Viral

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BTS’s V is known for being a social butterfly who is basically a friend with everybody in the industry, his recent actions and interactions with fellow idols shows just how caring he is in real life.

A couple of fancams went viral following the second day of The 33rd Golden Disk Awards. The event which took place on January 6 was the talk of town and especially ARMY who shared various fancams of BTS doing all sorts of things.

At one point, solo singer Paul Kim and BTS were the only ones in the sitting area at the ceremony, the rest of the groups were either performing or getting ready to perform which meant the majority of seats were vacant.

V noticed that Paul Kim was sitting alone and far away, he invited him to sit over with them and kept him company by engaging in conversation with him so he doesn’t feel left out.

Paul Kim later took to his Instagram to post a sweet photo with all BTS members backstage, he captioned,

“I can’t explain it with words. I have written it and kept deleting it over and over again. I am officially a fan of BTS.”


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#말로설명불가 #몇번을지웠다썼다지웠다썼다 #제대로입덕

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But that isn’t the only reason V is trending, its also because of his kind gesture towards NU’EST W.

In another portion of the event, the places where NU’EST W were supposed to be seated had one missing chair, so instead of four chairs, there were only three chairs.

The members were trying to figure out how to arrange the seating and ultimately decided two shall sit and two shall stand, V noticed them from afar, he got up his chair and brought another chair for them.

V then returned to Jimin who gave him a sweet high five for his action.

Fans and nonfans couldn’t stop praising V for his kind actions towards other artists. He is truly a gentleman!

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