Jungkook Refuses To Name The Oil He Uses Fearing Another Situation Similar To Downy’s Case

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BTS’s Jungkook is keeping his lips sealed tight because he fears a product he likes to be absent from the shelves, the poor maknae!

On February 22, Jungkook greeted fans again through the group’s official fan café. He was talking to them about many things including lunch, weather and many other things. Some fans asked him about the oil he mentioned in a recent V Live broadcast.

The V Live broadcast in question was the one held for J-hope’s birthday, Junkgook showed off his face saying,

“I am wearing jojoba oil.”

Fans tried to ask him about the product but he refused to reveal the exact name and instead dropped hints, he said,

“It (the oil name) is 4 letters.”

Seems that Jungkook is haunted by his recent experience when he mentioned he used a fabric softener and it ended up selling out completely for 3 months. Downy’s company struggled to keep up with the demand after ARMY found out about the softener Jungkook used.

Similarly, Hyundai is also struggling. The brand that has BTS as its ambassadors is struggling to keep up with the demand as well.

After his chat with his fans, jojoba oil entered Korea’s real-time searches and fans are still searching for that oil.

Jungkook is still not over the issue with Downy, the poor man wants to continue using the jojoba oil.

Here are some of ARMY’s reaction to this:

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    1. It’s not either of them I know it though I won’t say it out of respect for jungkook leave the man alone too let him use his jojoba oil in privacy without y’all greedy little monsters stalking him

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever loved anyone so much that I felt I had to use everything they use or talk about. That would be frightening and exhausting to deal with, I feel bad for them. These people need help.

    Also jojoba oil is good but cold pressed castor oil is way better for your hair. AND for your skin, that stuff is so underrated. It’s just means it’s always in stock huehuehue

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