BTS’s J-Hope Spotted In BIGBANG’s Gdragon’s Recent Instagram Post

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BTS’s J-Hope has been spotted hanging out with BIGBANG’s Gdragon and fans are happy to see them interacting.

On September 8, Gdragon posted a couple of photos to his Instagram account. Among the photos, J-Hope was spotted in one of them. The photo is a group photo with J-Hope in the middle, it also includes Lee Soo Hyun, who is one of Gdragon’s closest celebrity friends, as well comedian Jo Se Ho.

At first, fans believed Gdragon was the one standing in the middle but upon closer inspection, it turns out that it is J-Hope. It appears the photo was snapped by Gdragon himself as he’s not in it.

The interaction has gained attention from fans. Previously, RM and Taeyang were spotted together at an art gallery.

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