BTS’s Entire “Map Of The Soul” World Tour Suspended, To Be Rescheduled Due To The Ongoing Pandemic

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BTS’s Entire “Map Of The Soul” World Tour is not happening as intended!

Previously, BTS delayed some tour locations due to the unexpected situation with COVID-19. Since then it’s been declared a global pandemic, many countries shut down their borders and put a halt to mass gatherings of any capacity.

After long been asked about the fate of BTS massive world tour, Big Hit Entertainment has finally issued an official statement announcing that the tour that was originally scheduled to begin in April 2020 will be postponed.

In their statement, they explain that despite the situation improving in certain countries and regions, BTS will not be able to resume their tour due to the recent developments. BTS concerts are known for involving the travel of thousands of fans from all around the world and it will be difficult to resume with the current situation.

Big Hit added,

“Thus we’ve came to the difficult decision to suspend the previously-announced tour schedule and develop a new schedule.”

The tour schedule will be announced to fans as soon as it becomes clear when tours are able to resume. Big Hit added that it could be a while before the situation improves, but stressed they will work hard to ensure that BTS get to meet fans as soon as they can.

Big Hit closed their statement explaining that the decision was made with “the health and safety of our artists and fans in foremost consideration.”

BTS’s “Map of the Soul” tour was originally set to begin in Seoul on April 11, 12, 18, and 19, but those were canceld after the situation in South Korea escalated. The tour was supposed to run until September of 2020.

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